The DSNA-42/RR planer is designed for planing a layer of wood on one side of an element in order to obtain its specified thickness and appropriate surface roughness. To obtain straightness, the lower surface of the element should be prepared on a planer.

The thickness of the planed layer and the feed speed depend on the width of the planed element and the desired surface smoothness.

The machine is intended only for operation with a central or individual sawdust extraction.


The compact body of the welded construction guarantees good operation of the mechanisms placed in it. Top cover – opened allows quick and easy access to all points of adjustment and lubrication of the mechanisms of the knife shaft subassembly and feed rollers. The knife shaft is mounted in rolling bearings. The feed rollers are driven by a motoreducer through a chain transmission. The cast iron table of the machine tool is guided in the vertical guides of the machine body.

The desired thickness of the processed material is obtained by setting the table in relation to the knife shaft. To improve work safety, the machine has: all rotating elements covered, anti-kickback pawls protecting the operator against the kickback of the processed material. In addition, to increase safety during adjustment, sharpening and replacement of knives, the machine tool is equipped with a device that prevents the machine tool from being turned on when the top cover is open. The main drive motor has an electromechanical brake, which allows for a quick stop of the machine tool.


Maximum planing widthmm410
The minimum thickness of the planed materialmm3
The maximum thickness of the planed materialmm250
The maximum thickness of the planed layermm6
The minimum length of the processed materialmm330
Cutting speedm/s30
Feed speed – I – IIm/minm/sm/minm/s60,1120,2
Diameter of the chip suction portmm160
Air velocity in the extraction systemm/s24
Air demandm3/h1750
Main engine powerkW4
Feed motor powerkW0,8/1,1
Lift motor powerkW0,75
Machine weightkg850


The selection of cutting parameters depends on the size of the workpiece and the quality requirements of the machining.